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The Unified Trust Financial Resource Center gives you access to the tools you need to organize your financial life. You will find quick-read articles, comprehensive planning guides, interactive financial tools, animated presentations and much more! The Unified Trust Financial Resource Center provides a single source of financial information for all age groups.

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Jason Grantz, Director of Institutional Retirement Consulting, describes the current landscape in the recordkeeping industry and how to stay relevant with the development of apps and digital assets. This article can also be found in the July/August PLANADVISER magazine.

Justin Morgan, Managing Director of Plan Administration and Service, spoke with PLANADVISER about offering plan loans and the importance of monitoring at both the individual and plan level.


In the Unified Trust Library you will find a collection of white papers and articles on a variety of financial issues relevant to today's investor.

Pop Quiz: what three things do you value most in this world? It shouldn’t take long as whatever comes to mind first is probably your truest answer.

As we get closer and closer to the applicability date of the fiduciary rule, the industry is starting to show its cards on how the rule will impact the landscape.

In the sea of sameness set yourself apart and say something different. In an industry full of copycat products and similar solutions (albeit with different color schemes and logos affixed to the top of the proposals and marketing materials) consider offering something uncommon….. real value.

People have that “what if” moment, realizing that if only they had started planning for retirement when they were 20, it could have made a much larger impact on their financial security as they near retirement.

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