The Time is Now

The global pandemic has created a very interesting, sometimes surreal, collection of experiences for many of us.  We watch the investment markets flying in all directions with incredible volatility.  We are all subjected to a constant barrage of Coronavirus messages in the forms of emails and news updates on our phones and tablets.  Many of us have had to adjust to working from home OR schooling kids at home while the adults are also trying to work next to them.  I’ve observed a whole host of positive messaging on social media about how leaders should be leading now and how we’ll all get through this.  It really is that ‘interesting time’ that we’ve all heard we would be living through.

One very interesting opportunity has presented itself to our family and it was completely unexpected.  Our kids, both now in the middle of their second week of homeschooling have been trying very hard to stay focused even though our house affords many distractions.  We’ve attempted to keep their “school day” as similar in structure to the days they would have if they were going to actual school.  The school day starts at 8 AM and ends at 2:45 and includes a “lunch period” and “gym class,” just as they would normally experience.  What’s been completely unexpected though, is what happens when school is over for the day.

Instead of running from their online learning or individual projects to watch TV, socialize with friends online or play games, our kids have been coming to work. They’re not coming to actually do work but to learn what their parents do for a living.  They’re seeing firsthand from their mom how a non-profit organization works and their seeing firsthand from me what 401(k) consulting is and looks like.  Shhh….don’t tell, but they’ve even listened in silently on a few calls. 

This unique time in our history has given us an unexpected gift, the opportunity to teach and to show our kids how our small part of the real world actually works.  I’ve been able to share, in real time, the importance of retirement plans and saving.  We’ve had a number of basic lessons each day to give the kids an interactive experience in financial literacy, not just a theoretical one. 

The lesson I’m taking from this, and that I’d like to share with folks, is that the time is now

There is no time like the present to lead, teach and show that even in the most difficult situations, positive opportunities can materialize unexpectedly and when they do, we should take advantage.  

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