Our Mission

“Many financial companies say they put the interests of their investors first. At Unified Trust, we let our actions say it for us.”

–Dr. Gregory Kasten, MD, Founder

Unified Trust has a thirty-plus-year track record for breaking new ground in order to improve the financial outcomes of its investors and partners. We have the results and data to prove it, and we know that our success comes from our fiduciary responsibility to always put the interests of our clients first.

With world-class resources supporting our retirement, wealth management and advisor partner services, Unified Trust's financial experts focus on creating innovative solutions to meet your long-term goals. When you become part of the Unified Trust family, you'll discover what our current clients and partners already know: Fiduciary responsibility is not just a phrase in our brochure, it is our number one priority, and we take it very seriously.

Unified Trust. Building financial futures in the interest of others.

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